quotationMirella is a compassionate, meticulous person who is truly dedicated to her profession and her personal growth. I had the pleasure of being her student where she shared her knowledge and passion in the esthetic field.

Eileen Waxler – MA.
Advanced Esthetician at Karyne and Company

quotationI know Mirella in two capacities: 1) She was one of my instructors while I was Enrolled in Catherine Hinds Esthetic 1200 Hour Program; 2) She also performed skincare services for me at her Divine Indulgence Spa, after I graduated from the program. Mirella was one of the most well-rounded, caring and knowledgable instructors in the program. Always willing to answer questions and spend her off time to assist. She was beloved and respected by her students and sorely missed after she left to start her business. As a clinician, I put her in the top 10% of aestheticians in the field. Not only is she an excellent aesthetician, she’s also very well versed in clinical oncology aesthetics; as well, as, a myriad of technologies related to clinical aesthetics.

Lisa Eliassen – MA.
Consulting Technical Recruiter & General Staffing

quotationIndependent Skincare Consultant with Mary Kay and an Esthetician, in Irving, TX. I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Dallas 9/2015. While attending Paul Mitchell, I was blessed to have the opportunity of having Mirella as my instructor. She as I call her my Yoda to skin. I thought I knew at least 50% about skin. But after meeting Mirella, I realized I knew 2% about skin. She is an amazing instructor, her passion for skin, her passion for her students, is remarkable. I learned not only about the skin, but why and how to properly give your clients treatments. Mirella’s style of teaching is like no other. She makes you truly think outside the box, and not just go by protocol. To use the protocol as a foundation, and to use what she taught us, so we can give each client a specific treatment, customize the client’s skincare needs and treatments. I can’t wait to continue my education with her throughout my career as an Esthetician. Ms. Mirella, you are the best, and I am excited for you. You finally have a school of your own, which means it is going to be a wonderful school, and I am excited for your future students. They are getting the best, Yoda of skin. Aka the skin whisper. Future professionals, you are making the right choice for your future! My advice, ask questions!! Pick her brain!

Monique Broussard-Robbins – TX

quotationMedical Aesthetician at Finesse Cosmetic Laser & Lipo Center
Mirella is more than an expert in her field. Both an educator and an esthetician, she always delivers extraordinary results and her appetite for knowledge seems insatiable! Always expanding her own education, Mirella is patient, kind, caring, and her treatments are wonderful. As an educator, she engages her students and allows them to express their own creativity while they learn. Anyone who has been lucky enough to have crossed paths with her knows just how much she has given to them.

Jennifer Jundzil – MA.

quotationI cannot say enough wonderful things about Mirella at Divine Indulgence. Her facial treatments are far superior to any I have had at other spas. She has years of experience in the industry and a substantial amount of knowledge in skin care. You can trust that you will receive the very best treatment along with an individualized treatment plan to help reach your skin care goals.
I have not only had the pleasure of being a repeat client, but I also had Mirella as my educator during esthetics school. She is truly passionate about what she does and helping educate each an every one of her clients and students. She is an incredible woman!

Amelia Brooks – TX

quotationNicknamed by her students the ‘walking encyclopedia’, Mirella is just that when it comes to skin. She is extremely knowledgable in this field and helping others is her passion. Mirella taught her students above and beyond what she was required to, and for that I am eternally grateful. She also could not stress enough to her students that they’ll never know everything when it comes to skin and there’s always something to learn. Mirella was not only a fabulous instructor, she will forever be my friend. She prides herself on honesty and integrity.

Amanda Gabardi – MA
Executive Assistant

quotationMirella is an excellent teacher and a beautiful person. She has a lot of passion and is very educated. She puts 100% into everything she does including her relationships with family, friends, students, colleagues, etc. She always wants the best for everyone and sets all her students up to succeed. She is very encouraging and keeps our focus. She helped us grow as business professionals and as people in society. Everyone always looks forward to seeing Mirella. We love her!.

Julie Eisenhauer – MA.
Spa Director at Keldara Salon and Spa

quotationMirella more than a teacher was a mentor to me. While attending Paul Mitchell I met lots of wonderful instructors but none to the quality of Mirella. Her passion for teaching is amazing. She encouraged me not to be afraid and push all my insecurities out of the way. Her experience and confidence makes you feel like you are actually learning everything you need to go out there and be successful.

Claudia Cuba – TX.

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